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Welcome to bksilicone! Silicone Mold Expert Product Information Brand: bksilicone Material: Food Grade Silicone Mold Size: big size: 14.1 x 10.5 x 5.2 cm Inner Size: big size: 12 x 8.3 x 4 cm Mold Weight: big size: 270g End product Weight: big size: 160g Color: Random Features: Flexible and Non-Stick, Easy to Demould and clean, Durable in use Item No. : bk2030 http://www.mold8.com/shop/concrete-frame-candle-wedding-decoration-bar-handmade-bk2030/
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Cobblestone Candlestick Silicone Mold Concrete Flowerpot Mould Handmade Cement Candle Holder Desktop Decoration-in Clay Molds from Home
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Hello everyone ! :) Thanks for watching! Scroll down for more info: My names Sam Chung form bksilicone inc limited we upload videos every week so don't forget to follow me if you're new! ANY VIDEO SUGGESTIONS LEAVE IN THE COMMENTS. We will produce more videos and products according to your suggestion. https://www.bk0.com/bk1164-Korean-style-pinecone-bee-candle-silicone-mold-p1024147.html
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Cement concrete basin of moss mold micro landscape miniascape of moss desktop furnishing articles silicone mold
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