How to silicone mold reduce bubble without the vacuumizer

Jul 13, 2020

The bubbles in the silicone may affect the appearance of the mold during the process of open mold. Having no vacuumizer may make you feel dispointed about the mold. The follows will teach you how to reduce bubble without the vacuumizer.

Firstly, we need to know why the bubbles come into being. The first case is that the bubbles haven’t been fully released when mix the silicone and the curing agent.

So you need to stir the liquid in one direction, then standing for some time to let the bubbles floating itselves.

The second case is that there are some volatile impurities in the silicone raw material, and when heating for curing, the impurities may gasify and produce bubbles. So you are suggested to take curing at room temperature or use low-temperature drying to make the impurities volatiled.

Secondly, when pouring the silicone, you’d better to let it flow filiform, which can reduce the bubbles. After finished the pouring, use toothpick to break the bubbles in the surface.

At last, we can change the mix ratio to extend the curing time and lengthen the time of bubbles releasing. Such as we can change the mix ratio 100:4 to 100:2, so the curing time would increase. And the bubbles in the mold would released slowly.

Also some people like to add silicone oil to dilute just for more easily to release bubbles.(low viscosity silicone will more easily to release bubbles). But the silicone oil shouldn’t be added over 5%, because that the silicone oil can destroy the molecular weight of silicone, lead to the silicone mold couldn’t resistant to acid and alkali and aging.

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