Difference between the addition and condensation molding silicone rubber

Jul 15, 2020

As we know, molding silicone rubber is made with addition molding silicone rubber and condensation molding silicone rubber,the application is different, we will introduce the difference of addition molding silicone and condensation from composition and usage.

Difference of Composition

Addition molding silicone rubber is a avirulent insipidity RTV2 silicone,it is made with Part A base silicone and Part B Platinum hardner,the base ratio is 1:1 or 10:1,when it reaction,it won’t produce micromolecule and with low shrinkage.The color is white,translucent,transparent,if any Require for appearance,it can adjusting by pigment.

Condensation molding silicone rubber also called tin cure molding silicone,it made with Part A base silicone and Part B tin cure hardner,the base ratio is 100:2-100:4,with white and translucent base color,and the color can adjust with pigment,compared with addition molding silicone,it has a little smell and micromolecule production when reaction.

Difference of Usage

Addition molding silicone rubber main used for food grade mold made like chocolate mold,candy mold,cake mold and also application for precision casting,carbon fibre composite material,carfts ceramics,printer,household appliance,lighting products and silicone nipple etc.

Condensation molding silicone rubber main use for cultural relics,resin craftwork,gypsum product,culture stone building material,toys gift model,immitating padauk furniture,shoe and statue buddha carving mold make.

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