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GFRC Casting Silicone

GFRC Casting Silicone Item NO: BK H Series

US$ 4.46
Item No.
BK-H28 BK-H35 BK-H40
MOQ ( 450 )
  • BK RTV silicone BK-H series are good for GFRC casting products. They are widely used for GRG (reinforced concrete), GRC (glass-fiber-reinforced gypsum), cement and other decoration architectural products, etc.
Product Name GFRC Casting Silicone
Item NO BK H Series
Weight 1.0000 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Silicone Rubber - Tin Cure
Tag Tin Cure silicone , Condensation Cure silicone , RTV-2 , GFRC Casting Silicone
Creation time 2019-04-19

Product Description:

GFRC Casting Silicone is wonderful to make molds either with simple or intricate patterns, such as GRG(Reinforced concrete), GRC (glass-fiber-reinforced gypsum), cement and other decoration architectural products etc. With good resistance to heat, deformation, acid & alkali and expansion, finished silicone molds serve very good performance in reproduction process with every fine detail on designing models.

Operation Method:

Both pouring or brushing operation methods for our concrete&stone casting silicone are available. You can choose the best one as your preference, we can provide thixotropic agent for brushing.


Part A: Silicone rubber is a white liquid
Part B: Catalyst is non-toxic and odorless liquid, with transparent color.
ATT: We can provide fast/medium/slow catalyst of for hot, warm or cold season.

Download Data Sheet:

Dear customers, if you are not sure which model code of silicone rubber is most suitable for your application, just feel free to contact us either by email or online service.

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