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Food Grade Silicone Molds

Flexible and available in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes, silicone molds are great for baking and candy-making. Use silicone glass molds to create edible shot glasses or make small candies in a variety of seasonal shapes. Easy to use, store and clean, silicone molds, silicone baking cups, silicone candy molds and silicone cupcake liners are great options for making fun bite-sized treats!

Why BK0 Molds?

1, Patented design ensures molds work perfect every time
2, Lab-tested to comply with FDA food safety regulations
3, Flexible, durable, non-stick & heat-resistant
4, Use with fondant, chocolate, gumpaste, candy and more
5, Other uses include clay, soap, plaster, casting resins & candle wax
6, Our molds conform to the shape of what you are making

BKsilicone is internationally famous for creating ingenious silicone molds that will work perfectly with almost any food, craft or artistic material. Cutting edge design and a passion to produce the world’s best molds are the driving forces that have transformed this innovative company from a small start up enterprise to an essential supplier to the food, cake decorating and craft industries worldwide.

Traditionally, silicone molds are made in blocks with square corners and thick walls. It was thought that, thanks to the silicone’s flexibility, these bulky moulds would still perform better than rigid moulds made from plaster and fiberglass. While that is true to an extent, at BKsilicone Molds, we have found that the extra bulk can make such molds tough to use, and so we refuse to make “block” molds. Instead, we design each and every one of our moulds to conform to the shape of the object our silicone molds produce. This results in a thinner mold wall that greatly increases flexibility and results in perfect un-molding every time.

If you have never used silicone molds, or you would like to learn why our molds are a cut above the rest, we offer many free videos and step by step tutorials to teach you how to use our products – so you can find out for yourself why BKsilicone Molds is one of the most respected companies in mold making.